Logo for your Business

In need of a logo and strong brand for your company? Don't wait another day, contact Palouse Express today!

A company logo is a graphical mark that is viewed by existing or potential customers.  Need an example of a logo?  Think about Disney, Starbuck's green lady (actually a mermaid), Apple, or Domino Pizza's dice.  Did a graphic come to mind?  These graphics are visual cues for customers to relate what they are seeing with past experience with this logo.

Company Logo

Palouse Express will work with you to visualize a way to display your company name and graphic to represent your company brand.  The logo will be a visual aid for your customers to recognize your business.  Some examples of things we would use your logo on are your: website, business cards, billboards, storefront signage, and more.

We have a multi-step process for designing the perfect logo for your business.  Palouse Express will need your help and interaction to make it work:

  1. Brainstorm and strategize
  2. Sketch
  3. Digital Design
  4. Final Design

In addition to designing a logo for your business, we will discuss the importance of a strong company brand.  

Company Branding

Branding is personal, unique, and the full picture of every business, whether you are a small startup, huge corporation, or somewhere in between.  If we go out to dinner, we won't just walk through the doors, we will walk into the restaurant, smell the food, sit at a table, etc.  Branding of a company is the same idea.  Palouse Express is not 'just' going to design a logo for you and let you walk out the door.  We are committed to working with you to dream, visualize, and strategize the entire picture of your business and the direction your business is moving.  

A company brand is what your customers will experience while interacting with your business.  Your customers will get an understanding of what the business is about when viewing your website or business card, standing in front of your brick and mortar store, driving by billboards, receiving e-blasts or brochures in the mail, and more.  Yes, your company logo is an essential part of the company brand!

Want to see some samples of Palouse Express Logo Designs?