Website for your Business

In need of a user-friendly and easy to manage website? Don't wait another day, contact Palouse Express today!

Palouse Express offers several different options for a website.  The purpose of your website will drive the conversation and help us decide on a platform to use.

General information or blog website:

If your primary purpose is to inform your user or blog about your passions, WordPress is the answer for you!  You may pause or cringe at the idea of using WordPress, but WAIT, give us a chance.  Wordpress will provide many options for us to help display and tools to use to make it a user-friendly system for you to have control over the content of your website and be user-friendly for your customers.  Together we will customize WordPress and work together so you become an expert in this content management system.

You have something to SELL online:

The main e-commerce platform I recommend is Shopify.  Shopify has a wonderful interface for you to use to manage your products, product categories, add blog posts, and track orders from.  A few other options to consider is BigCommerce or WordPress with WooCommerce.

Looking for a simpler option?

Okay, so WordPress, Shopify, and BigCommerce are too bulky and, frankly, scary for you.  SquarespaceWeebly, and Wix are great options to consider.  These content management systems offer beautiful themes, apps, and limited customizations but still provide enough choices to get you a website that is mobile and user-friendly.

Custom website:

A basic informational or e-commerce website is not what you need right now.  That's okay!  I can build something custom to fit your needs.